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One of the most talked about pieces of fitness equipment these days is the Ab King Pro. It is heavily advertised and enjoys a lot of discussion and popularity.

I set out to examine whether this machine is really that good. I scoured the internet for reviews and testimonials and conducted an extensive research to see whether the Ab King Pro really works and is it worth the $150 or so (including shipping costs) that it would cost to have it delivered to you.

What is the AbKing Pro?

Basically, this exerciser is made up of a workout bench with an arced handle bar attached to it and a foot rest. You lie on the bench, grab the bar with both hands, and you can do crunches on the bench. The top half of the bench moves along with you as you do the crunch, so you neck is supported during the movement. As the neck is one of the body parts which goes under a lot of strain when you do crunches, this is an advantage.

However, the lower back which is probably the most sensitive body part isn't supported as it should.

What the Ab King Pro is supposed to do

The infomercial pretty much promises that you can get flatter abs and reduce love handles by using the AbKing Pro for just minutes a day. However, in small text the infomercial says that this is achieved only with other regular exercise and a sensible diet.

This is where the truth comes out. You see, you can't lose belly fat by doing stomach exercises with the Ab King Pro or anything else. Spot fat reduction is a myth. Our body burns fat from all over regardless of which body part we workout. That's why you need to do more exercise and follow a sensible diet, because the Ab King Pro alone can't give you flat abs.


Doing crunches on the Ab King is a stomach exercise and can be quite effective. However, it won't keep you from going to the gym, following a sensible diet, and it has little advantages over doing regular crunches on a mat.

Therefore, I don't believe it's worth the price unless you believe it will get you to workout more.

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Ab King Pro Review

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This article was published on 2010/03/30