King Addies Clash Rodigan In Trinidad

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Two mighty bad sound systems went to combat on May 1, 2010 in Trinidad. It was played in St Johns Theatre. It was David Rodigan from England taking on Babyface of King Addies. This clash was presented by Red Bull. Yep that’s right Red Bull the drink.

It was the first time in a long time that Rodigan and King Addies clashed. This was the type of vocal expression that was used by Babyface almost through out the dance. HE would try to make a point that Rodigan was trying to run from King Addies, but we all know that Rodigan does not run from a sound clash!

With Babyface being born in Trinidad he was using that to his asset with the crowd and his home country, and in the first round it was Babyface to draw the first blood as he opened up with the Trinidad and Tobago national anthem. He then went on to play some early King Addies anthems and also making speech along the way. Now it’s Rodigans turn and he’s answering back to Babyface and let off with a shelling of Bounty Killer.

In round two Babyface lost some of the feeling from the Trinidad crowd and went on to play some dub plates from Shabba Ranks, Bennie Man and more, but it just wasn’t enough and his round was wearing. With Rodigans turn at round 2 he came in with some dubs from Jr Gong, Assassin and others but overall round two was very boring for both

Now in round three it was a vocals only round and although Babyface tried it – he was no match for Rodigan in this round. Roddy of course played nuff singers and let off some nice Bitty McLean dub plates.

In the last round before dub fi dub, Babyface try to bring forth the Hip-Hop card, and also he thrown in some soca chunes since the clash was in Trinidad. Rodigan did not answer the hip-hop chunes too well but he killed Babyface was some brutal soca chunes.

In the dub fi dub Babyface was talking much smack and Rodigan was getting tired of it so in essence after all is said and done the winner was.. Find out by getting the full class at DJ14K’s Tapes R Us

Babyface a lot of specials for this dance calling Rodigans name and felt he and King Addies went through there money as Babyface was not in his best form. I think Babyface took it for granted that begin from Trinidad and clashing in his home country he could pull an easy win. Not so much!

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King Addies Clash Rodigan In Trinidad

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This article was published on 2010/12/11